So close…

and yet, so far. I have one story within a whisker of being finished but it just won’t behave. It’s very frustrating. Meanwhile, I’ve been working (and I use the term loosely) on another couple when I can.

It’s all taking way too long because I don’t always have access to the computer and I’m writing in longhand. Very quaint but a bit time consuming to then transcribe (when I can read my writing).


NaNo no-go

NanoWriMo 2010Trying again this year but despite a new system (not having access to a computer all the time, so writing exclusively in long hand) not much progress happening. In fact, only up to about 3,000 words (so less than two weeks to do 47,000. Oh-oh).

Still trying to get some of my other things finished, though they’re not being very cooperative. I just can’t seem to find endings for them (besides “and they lived happily ever after”). I haven’t given up on them though, I promise.

Been away. Back now for a while.

Hopefully, I’ll get some stuff done. I’ve got to transcribe bits that I’ve been putting in notebooks because I don’t always have access to a computer. I’ve got two stories pretty close to completion but they’re just not right.

The site broke when it was upgraded somehow. So now it looks a bit different now. With a bit of luck this one won’t break. We shall see (I have no idea, of course).

Forget 2009, what happened to 2010?

Doesn’t time fly? I have no idea where half of this year has gone but if anyone finds it, let me know.

Stories. Well. I’ve got a sort of complete yet still unsatisfactory one, a post-Timeless thing that I don’t know how to write, an immediately post-Endgame story (featuring Gretchen with a pulse and attitude!) that’s just not working, a Janeway Lives challenge story which seemed like a good idea in my head but sort of splats on paper, yet another post-Endgame tale that, I think, needs flashbacks that I have no idea how to write. Of course, that’s not even considering the Baby On Board sequel (why, oh why?), a drunk Janeway shortie and yet another post-Endgame one that started from one character’s name and hasn’t got much further.