NaNo no-go

NanoWriMo 2010Trying again this year but despite a new system (not having access to a computer all the time, so writing exclusively in long hand) not much progress happening. In fact, only up to about 3,000 words (so less than two weeks to do 47,000. Oh-oh).

Still trying to get some of my other things finished, though they’re not being very cooperative. I just can’t seem to find endings for them (besides “and they lived happily ever after”). I haven’t given up on them though, I promise.

2 thoughts on “NaNo no-go

  1. Trish

    Do you need a cheerleader to help move your writing along? I would be happy to help. I can never get enough of your after Endgame stories!

  2. Jot Post author

    Trish, thanks for your support. I know I keep saying this, but I have a few stories very close to completion (but I just can’t get them over the line). They just need a little “kick” for the endings. I’ll try and get at least one done this weekend (oh, boy, I hope).


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