Last year, I offered Sira and Ria a fill in story for the Secret Santa on VAMB. It was just about finished and they may’ve had someone that needed a story. Anyway, I sent this one in and KJaneway115 was the recipient.

The story was finished but not beta’d and needed some polishing. So I didn’t post it. And then I forgot about it until I revisited VAMB the other day and saw that the Secret Santa was on again this year. I then realized I’d totally forgotten to finish and post the story.


So here, finally, is the story. Now renamed, with a slightly less abrupt ending and with a few extra bits.

Seldom Kings Enjoy

1 thought on “Embarrassing…

  1. Tricia

    i have thoroughly enjoyed all of your stories. My absolute favorite is bookends. You are a talented writer! Tricia


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