Close. Kinda.

Well, I think I’ve finished, finally, a story. It still has to be beta’d and I think the ending is a bit “something” but I’m getting desperate to finish anything. And I mean anything.

I’ve also nearly finished another one that I started about three years ago. Wow. And I just this week found another story that I started four years ago and totally forgot and now I want to fiddle with that instead of polishing some of the others. Still, at least I’m getting some writing done. Sort of.

6 thoughts on “Close. Kinda.

  1. Pilot

    Yay! I can’t wait for antoher one of your storires, I like how you have angst but it’s nicely balanced with a bit if whimsy and you don’t bash Seven.

    Well, happy writing.

  2. Trish

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the greatest gift (and it is my anniversary.

  3. Aryanna

    Can’t wait for another of your stories! They always put me into a good mood and inspire me to write myself. I hope to one day get half as good as you!


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