Finally. Another story.

Another story, which according to the date stamps, I started in 2013. I don’t even know why.

I think initially I thought it could be the start of an AU series, but frankly at the rate I write, it would take longer than Voyager’s non-altered journey home. So, probably going to be stand alone.

Basically, it’s Caretaker (including lots of quotes lifted from the episode) but with a small twist.

She’s The Captain


Last year, I offered Sira and Ria a fill in story for the Secret Santa on VAMB. It was just about finished and they may’ve had someone that needed a story. Anyway, I sent this one in and KJaneway115 was the recipient.

The story was finished but not beta’d and needed some polishing. So I didn’t post it. And then I forgot about it until I revisited VAMB the other day and saw that the Secret Santa was on again this year. I then realized I’d totally forgotten to finish and post the story.


So here, finally, is the story. Now renamed, with a slightly less abrupt ending and with a few extra bits.

Seldom Kings Enjoy

At last!

I’ve finally managed to finish a story. This one was beta read by elem over a year ago and I forgot to post it (and another two that she checked for me). I’ve made quite a few changes to this one but didn’t have the heart to send it back to elem, so definitely all mistakes are mine alone.

Dreams Come True

Now, back to the other nearly finished stories.